Tuesday, April 5, 2011

true love

memory are like the briliant time .  we are like a pair of lovers.
happiness is should be, not a must. can only blame us 4 being too plyful.
yearning is like soft fluffs of clouds , but u still staying in my mind.

we once understood , we have also regretted before, missed out on love.
then its hard to start over, dont be afraid to be honest
afraid tht u might spoil me, forgotten about should and should not

        lost the first love memories  :'(
i am the joy that you forgotten. our heart beat only holler. remind us tht we were once in love.
your smile like shining sun. no one can replace!

hehehe. actly this not my word. just tke frm zheng ai song - 183 club


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