Wednesday, April 27, 2011

thanks to someone !

hey i now u read this . i want tells that im so happy at 26 apr 11 with u.
 walaupon kne cepat2. hehe. and sory kne marah. huhuhuh.. 
padan muke. hehehe. papepon best !!!  ^.^

Monday, April 25, 2011

hey dear!! hey dear!!

hahaha!!!  i want to be NEW . hve more fun in my life. 
and jd lebih matang. kurangkan bad mood ok!!. hahaha.
actlly i bkn minat sgt nk update blog nih. tapi.. nk jugak. org adekan. kite pon nk gak. hahaha. mangkok jeh.

kat bawah nih ade ckit profile about me. if korg nk rapat kan silaturahimlah kan. hahaha.. <3

Starting time : 06:59 PM
Name : Nur AQma
Eye Color : black , i think lah
Shoe Size : 4/5 . Depends on shoes 
Hair : black
Height : 158 / 157 centuh lah
Where do you live : pj
Favorite Number : sure lah 8
Favorite Drink : sirap laici , limau ais
Favorite Month : of couse ogos!
Favorite Breakfast : telor + mayonis + lada putih + roti. hahaha 

Broken a bone : No !
Been in a police car : not yet 
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : hehehe
Swam in the ocean : i lokei !!!
Fallen asleep in school : ehem!! hahah
Broken someone's heart : i thnk not yet
Cried when someone died : yes!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : hurm yup !!   :'(
Save e-mails : alwys not. haha

Your room look like : trafic jam !! hahaha
What is right beside you : Phone , Earphone , my lovely bolster! and huny buny
What is the last thing you ate : goreng pisang depan ostel

Who did you last yell at : dnt hve.
Who was the last person you danced with : my psyco roomte. haha
Who last made you smile : my frendz!! 

What are you listening to right now : carta hati - najwalatif and all song from taylor swift
What did you do today : class and on9

Talk to someone you like : my mr syazwan. hehehe
Kiss anyone : my little cousin.  ^.^
Sing : A lot .
Miss someone : hurm. alwys!!
Eat : papejeh

You talked to on the phone : mr syazwan
Made you cry : hve someone
You went to the mall with : sape2 jeh yg nk ajk!! i follow jeh!!
Who cheered you up : Myself .

Have a crush on someone : .......
What books are you reading right now : all subject in sem 2 in bisnes. hadushhh!!
Best feeling in the world : swimming
Future kids name : iman +++
What's under your bed : Books,huny bunny, beg and anytng else.
Favorite sport(s) : swimming!!
Favorite place : island
Who do you really hate : i dont knw
Do you have a job : buat mse nih blom lg. haha
What time is it now : 07:26 PM


Thursday, April 21, 2011

carta hati

nk cite pasal apa pon dah x tau

nk cite ape pon dah x tau. nk cite sal pakwe?? hahaha.. x der pakwe ekk? hahaha..
yg suwh tulis nih member2 i. sebok jeh. hahaha. jgn marah.

        ok... skang rse cm tertarik ngan lagu najwa latif _ carta hati. 
best kot lagu nih. nih asyik ulang2 jeh lagu die. best lahhh.. fellinggg sgt. relax and fun!!!

Carta hati

Engkau duduk di situ
Diam tersipu malu
Mahu mendekati aku

Aku mulai resah
Hati ku jadi kebah
Melihat diri mu aku rebah

Tapi hati ini kuat menyatakan
Kau terkini duduk di carta hati
lagu cinta kita bermula
dari mata turun ke jiwa
dari teman menjadi cinta
dan berjanji untuk setia
sehidup semati kita
menjanji kan bahagia
untuk kita berdua selamanya


jangan engkau jangan pergi
jangan tinggal ku sendiri
jangan tinggal kan carta hati

kau janji kan bahagia
ku janji kau tak terluka
teruslah berada di carta hati kita


Friday, April 15, 2011

yay!!! my happy dayyyy!!! actlly lah. hahah

ok!!! hye!!! gile happy nyelaaaaa ak nih!!

first ok. cite sedih dulu. ak dah tiga hari tiga mlm blaja math. TAPI td rse cm x puas ati ngan keputusan.. yaallah!!! sedihnya. sume yg ak buat dri pg td x kene jeh. hadoi yai. sedih tahu!!!

pastuh dlm blik pekse td. pin tudung ak wat masalah lah. hape la. x pasal2 habes mse nk betol kan pin tudung nih. pastuh balik2 hujan lak tuh. kne kuar duit g naik teksi. hurrmmmm.. balik2 kain basah kne air takung kat hostel. isshhhhh. marah tau tak!!!

tapi...TAPI... TAPIKAN!!!!!!    ubi ak anta msj and die kte nk baik balik!!!!! hahahahaah... sukenya smpai ak x bleh nk ckp cmne. rse cm nk kne ashma jeh!! hadoi gile..gile..gile.. hahahahha...

Monday, April 11, 2011

sory im not the perfect one

honestly.  im still remember u and everything about u. i miss to met u again. i miss to talk with u , and i miss to see your face.

 i still remember our first date. im so excited scared and nervous and macam2 lg lah...... actly not date. just.... hurmmm. entah lah nk ckp cmne. hehe

ermm.. sebenarnya bkn nk cite bende nih sgt. just rse cm nk merepek jeh. tapi ade jugak yg betol nya. im miss someone. huurmmm
kenapa ak tak dapat apa yang ak nk?
kenapa ak boleh tersalah pilih?
kenapa ak tak jge hati die?
and kenapa ak x bersungguh2 waktu tuh? 
and skang die langsong x kenal sape ak. ktrg x mcm dulu lg. hurmm. 

heyyy.. mengarot die tengah petang nih. ak nk apa yang ak nk!!! plese!!! give me!!

ok bye ^.^
this is me. yg di lukis oleh cik yana. hikhik. comel x?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

true love

memory are like the briliant time .  we are like a pair of lovers.
happiness is should be, not a must. can only blame us 4 being too plyful.
yearning is like soft fluffs of clouds , but u still staying in my mind.

we once understood , we have also regretted before, missed out on love.
then its hard to start over, dont be afraid to be honest
afraid tht u might spoil me, forgotten about should and should not

        lost the first love memories  :'(
i am the joy that you forgotten. our heart beat only holler. remind us tht we were once in love.
your smile like shining sun. no one can replace!

hehehe. actly this not my word. just tke frm zheng ai song - 183 club